Sunday, 8 July 2012

Asda Extra Special Dao DOC, 2010

Tasted 01/07/12, 13% ABV, cork closure. Asda Extra Special £5. For those international readers who maybe don't know, Asda is one of the largest UK supermarkets and very much price-driven. Some of their wines, though, are surprisingly good and they do have a MW wine buyer.
£5 per bottle is pretty much as low as you can go these days (and most are awful, generic Aussie rubbish) but this otherwise un-named co-operative wine from Falua could be £10 and it would still be very good. One of my finds of 2012! 'Dao is the new Douro' in terms of innovation and quality improvement, moving away from its image of making unforgiving, massively tannic, dry, meat-marinating wines to ones of more international appeal using modern wine making techniques and foreign expertise.
This wine from the super 2010 vintage shows that.
It's a deep purple colour, beautiful black fruits on the nose with a whiff of Mediterranean spices. The mouth feel is quite elegant, very fruity and with some silky tannins. Great with grilled meat or a strongly flavoured salted cod dish. Ready to drink. This is my bargain of the year - but you worry at this price, is it sustainable - for anyone? From 2012, 16/20
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  1. I'm drinking the 2009 version myself right now (which I think was only £4.25 bought in April 2013), and wholeheartedly agree - a bargain!