Saturday, 12 February 2011

Tagus Creek Grande Vinho 2006 VR (Ribatejo)

Tasted 11/02/11, 14% ABV. ca. £7 UK retail, e.g. Waitrose. An interesting wine from the Falua winery. Ribatejo incorporates the Lisbon area and has traditionally produced wines in a more northern European style - many liken them to Clarets. This wine cannot have the DOC classification and must be a VR (Regional Wine) as it has more than 30% foreign grapes (Shiraz in this case) in the blend. The other grape used is the Portuguese nobel grape Touriga Nacional. There is great finesse and balance: a deep ruby colour, beautiful berry fruits on the nose and dark fruits and coffee in the mouth. Very well made and excellent value for money. The French oak used gives a nice layer of vanilla over the tannins. Very alcoholic - it seems to punch above its 14%. From 2010, 16/20

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