Thursday, 26 March 2020

Trevor’s Singapore Lockdown lunch

Lockdown lunch. Actually Singapore is not locked down and restaurants remain open but people are observing social distancing pretty well. Anyway, the wine. Chardonnay, my flexible friend. From Les Combes vineyard in Passenas, Jura, eastern France, made by domaine Les Dolomies. The nearest Chardonnay from Burgundy would be from Givry 65km to the west but, stylistically, that might as well be from a different planet. Jura is famous for oxidative wines and this one is no exception. Made like Burgundy in the ouillé style i.e. open to the air, without a cap of flor (yeast), but it stills has a nose like Manzanilla or aged white Rioja. So just my thing!
 And it has an impeccable pedigree. The makers are Céline and Steve Gormally, the vineyard is biodynamic, the labourers are donkeys, the ground is magnesium-rich limestone, vinification is with wild yeasts and minimal sulphur.
Available from Jimmy Smith's Streatham Wine House. It's delicious!

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