Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Domaine Bousquet Tupungato Uco Malbec 2019

Bitterly disappointed with this £12 wine from my usually very reliable, organic grocery provider Abel & Cole. This is the domaine gets good reviews but that tends to be for the reserva wine rather than this entry-level. I suspect Abel & Cole is a little bit overpriced on this one as the usual retail seems about £8 but you expect a lot more for £10 also from a good producer in South America these days. It should at least taste like Malbec ! It is very young for sure but it's very generic and not even generically Malbec - it could be any cheap fruity red blend from Argentina. It's unstructured, it has angular tannins, too sweet and though it has some hints of dark fruit, I wouldn't even say it was noteworthily Malbec.
I'm afraid this one will be destined to be the cooking wine for the casserole tomorrow. At least as a screwcap! 12/20.

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