Sunday, 13 September 2020

Majestic Definition Macon-Villages 2018

Majestic's in-house Definition range can be a bit hit and miss - there are some real corkers but there are some duffers as well. Thankfully this wine is in the former category and is really great value for a tenner. 2018 was a bit of a variable vintage in the Macon but this one scores highly. It's from a highly regarded co-op Cave d'Lugny. This wine is surprisingly complex and rich. There's tart apples on the nose. It has a zesty and buttery palate with some judicious use of oak. Some nice minerality shows through. You could almost say there's a sense of terroir. Good finish.
Given how treacherous wine can be from anywhere in the greater Burgundy region, this is a superb wine for £10. Well done Majestic!
Drink now 2022. 16.5/20

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  1. This wine is actually unoaked, but the time it spent on its lees can give the perception that there may be a dash of oak ageing.